Facebook Dark Mode – How to Setup Facebook Dark Mode or Night Mode

Recently Facebook have been rolling out some new and amazing features for its users to enjoy. One of these features is the Facebook dark mode. Basically, the Facebook Night mode or dark mode was lunched by Facebook to give users a stunning Facebook account interface while using the platform. However, I feel is a nice one as so many Facebook users have been clued to just the white background Facebook interface.

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Therefore, with the Facebook night mode interface you will have a new feel while navigating around your Facebook account. Also, it will help those that don’t like too much bright lights as it affects their eye sight. Particularly, it a good one for Facebook users as they are able to change their Facebook account interface with this feature.

Facebook Night Mode

Furthermore, if you are very familiar with the WhatsApp, YouTube and other social media platforms that have the dark mode feature you will understand the feel of the feature. Therefore, the night mode make your Facebook account very attractive to you and even other viewers. However, there are more to it than just that as you can get more from using this feature.

Advantage of Facebook Dark Mode

Below are some if the benefits or advantages of you sing this Facebook new feature on your Facebook account.

  • The Dark mode feature helps users to reduce the brightness of their screen as it saves up more battery on your device.
  • Also, the dark mode help’s user’s eyesight especially for those persons that do not like too much bright lights.
  • More so, with the dark mode light rays are reduced to the barest minimum. Therefore, you don’t have to stress your eyes to view contents.

How to Setup Facebook Dark Mode

Basically, no matter the mobile device you are using you can access the Facebook dark mode settings very easily. Therefore, follow the below steps to achieve the settings result.

  • Firstly, make sure your device is fully connected to an internet source.
  • Access the Facebook login process to access your Facebook account.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines you can see at the top of your page.
  • Right on the drop-down menu click on
  • Head straight to General and the
  • Choose the AMOLED caption you can see on the section.

Therefore, with this outline you will be able to access the night mode feature and as well set it up on your Facebook account. More so, know the you can as well access this on your PC system too.



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