Facebook Cloud Gaming and Available Facebook Games on Facebook App

The Facebook Cloud Gaming: Facebook games launch its own cloud-based streaming service recently. However, allowing users to play live video games from within the Facebook app or on the Facebook webpage. Therefore, the new tool will give users streaming ability to stream games directly from the cloud.

Facebook Cloud Gaming and Available Facebook Games on Facebook App
Facebook Cloud Gaming and Available Facebook Games on Facebook App

More so, this means they won’t require to download any file to access the feature. Therefore, with this feature, Facebook is on point as they follow the trending tracks of Google and Microsoft, who have created their own cloud service. Therefore, allow gaming over the internet on devices.

Facebook Cloud Gaming

Facebook game streaming platform is very free for its users to access. More so, the company will have to gain its profit via the in-game purchases and adverts made form the games. Furthermore, if you want to know how to use the service and and how you can access it the follow through this next section.

How Facebook Games Works

Basically, the new cloud-based streaming feature do not need a separate service. More so, it will be available within the existing Facebook app. It is currently not available on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads for now but later it will. Although you can use it on the Facebook Gaming apps available on Android, and as well on Facebook’s website on desktop.

This service will aim at mobile games instead of consoles or PC. This is as a result that users will not need to buy controllers or other special hardware before they can access and be able to play.

Facebook Cloud Gaming Features

The Facebook Cloud Gaming will give gamers access to create their own player name and profile as well. Furthermore, when using this service you will get more access to other features too. This simply means you can be able to play games under an alternative identity for the first time in the history of Facebook online games.

More so, Facebook’s vice-president, Jason Rubin in charge of Games, said, “the Cloud game-streaming for consumers still has a long way to go. However, it is also important to review the advantages and the reality of the service the its future position.

Facebook Gaming Available in UK?

Presently, the Facebook game streaming service is available only in USA . Therefore, we are still expecting the date they will release it in the UK and other countries. But users all over the world can view live gaming videos on the Facebook Gameroom.

Available Facebook Games to Play

Basically, the platform will only have five game titles to start off with. Facebook Cloud Gaming service will only have a few games and it will be available for consumers to test run. These games include:

  • PGA Tour Golf Shootout.
  • Mobile Legends: Adventure.
  • Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale.
  • Asphalt 9: Legends.
  • WWE Super card.

The Facebook gaming board had chosen not to “make max promises and less delivery,” However, plans to add more demanding gaming titles in the future is eminent on consumers’ requests.

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