Facebook Classic View Settings: The new Facebook account comes with a default setting format. This default is on the Facebook setting and it is Facebook Classic View. Therefore, this guide provides a solution on how to return to the default Facebook view in your Facebook account.

Facebook Classic View Settings - How to Switch to Facebook Classic Mode on Your Facebook Account
Facebook Classic View Settings – How to Switch to Facebook Classic Mode on Your Facebook Account

Recently, Facebook sends all its users a notification to update their mobile messenger app to a better version. However, the notification is not most you access it but it is just the new Face of Facebook.

Basically, you have the right to accept the idea about updating your current Facebook mobile messenger app version to a better one. More so, you also can choose to continue with the old version you were using.

The Facebook Classic View Review

The Facebook social media platform do go through different evolutions from time to time. More so, the new features and plugging’s comes with the new FACEBOOK UPDATE. So, this is one of the reason you most have to switch to the new Facebook classic mode. One thing to consider is that every new feature on Facebook will always require an update before you can that to see and access it on your device

Therefore, my point is, for any Facebook user to be able to access any new Facebook feature, you have to upgrade to the newest version of the mobile app which will definitely come with the latest Facebook feature. However, some Facebook users still prefer to use the old view mode, which Facebook also gives them the opportunity to do so.

Facebook is still allows users to switch back to the old version which is very nice, and its the Facebook Classic View. The platform also gives users a test for them to know their experience in using the the new version.

Facebook Classic

When talking of social media all over the world, Facebook comes on top all platforms. Therefore, this makes Facebook put in much work to make sure it provides its users with amazing features just like the Facebook avatar.

Basically, all desktop users can now make use of the new design of the Facebook website. However, it is easier to use, easy to navigate, and always comes with new features, which include the Facebook dark mode.

Now that you know you easily switch back to the Facebook Classic View settings which is the old version anytime you wish, let us dive into the steps through which you can switch from the new to the old version.

  1. Firstly, Head to the official Facebook website on your device via facebook.com.
  2. Then provide your exact Facebook account login details as you will need to do just that.
  3. Lastly, hit on the “Log In” caption.

Therefore, this will redirect you to your main Facebook account from there you will get to switch to the old Facebook version. Below is more about how to switch to Facebook classic mode.

How to Switch to Facebook Classic Mode

Since Facebook has made it possible to return to the old Facebook version that you made you upgrade from. However, I don really think the decamping from one version to the other will stay forever.

Therefore, these two steps below is easy to understand and you can use the steps to return to your old Facebook account view.

  1.  Click on the menu caption which like a triangle like icon on your Facebook homepage right at the top corner.
  2.  Then select “Switch to Classic Facebook” from the drop-down menu. Automatically, it will switch back to the old version.

Congrats you are back to the previews Facebook view which is the old version of the app you intended to go back to. More so, you can use same process to switch back to the new version as well.