Facebook Business Tools – Tips to Build Your Facebook Business Page

The Facebook business tools as the name implies are tools you can use to setup or organize your business page and other things on Facebook. Furthermore, you can use the tools feature to manage your Ads on your business page.

Facebook Business Tools - Tips to Build Your Facebook Business Page

Also, this applies to all aspect of the Facebook platform. There are a lot of Facebook features you can use but on this article we will just name a few of them for you to get what the tools are.

Facebook Business Tools

Facebook Tools Features

Pages. With improved call-to-action buttons and new features like appointment scheduling and chat via messenger, Facebook pages can help businesses reach their goals. Feature your websites, services and products, and more.

Page Insight. Therefore, this is a very important analytic tool for business which makes use of pages. More so you can view how many likes you have, as well as number of visitors over time, and where they come from. Discover the reach of your content, what section of your page people are replying to, a daily background of your posts, demographic features of your visitors, and more.

Pages Messenger App. Particularly, this helps you to monitor, organize and manage your activity on different pages from your mobile device. Basically, you can as well manage post updates, reply comments and private messages. Also, view your latest page insights.

More Features of the Facebook Business Page

Messenger. Messenger is a Facebook free texting and video calling app, which now lets users make payments to each other. Facebook has made several updates to the platform to help users connect with business, including messenger link for page user names, messenger codes for scanning, and messenger Greetings.

Canvas. This is Facebook free tool to create fast loading, immersive, and interactive content to tell stories or showcase products. Therefore, you can patch up videos, still images, and also call to action buttons. Furthermore, be sure to create multimedia ads that will have full display to a full screen mode so users can easily click on them.

Power Editor. Particularly, this tool is basically for advertisers that operates at a high scale and need control of their ads, sets, and campaigns.

Ad creation tool. You can use this to creates an ad and then select the audience that sees the ad by location, age, interests, and more. However, this more consist of various formats and forms of ads on the Facebook Advertising platform.

  • ads manager
  • page post engagement ads
  • page like ads
  • click to website ads.
  • Also, it goes for app install and App engagement ads
  • event response ads.
  • offer claims ads
  • video views and local awareness ads
  • Slide show ads
  • Carousal ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Lead ads.
  • Instagram ads
  • Business manager
  • Facebook pixel, hostages and partner categories.

Reasons to use Facebook for Business

  1. Build long term relationships.
  2. Efficient channel of communication.
  3. For market research.
  4. Therefore, it saves you more cash.
  5. To centralize your audience.
  6. Drive traffic to your website.
  7. To keep up with trends and best practices.
  8. Also, it target more effectively.
  9. To reach more people.
  10. Share a Holistic view of your business.
  11. Get more customers

Therefore, in building any business of your choice you need to consider the use of Facebook as a social business catalyst. So why not dive into Facebook today and explore all the amazing opportunities made just for you.




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