Officially there is a way you can now create your own Facebook Avatar on your Facebook account. Therefore, you can access the Facebook avatar maker free if you want to at any time.


More so, the feature will not only allow you to create and own your avatar but also you can customize it as well. This means you can create and customize a cartoon character of yourself as you so wish.

Facebook Avatar

However, if you do not have the Facebook avatar feature on your Facebook account then you are definitely missing the fun. Basically, to have the feature you will have to access the Facebook update to gain the new avatar feature.

Furthermore, with this feature you can create a cartoon version of your picture. This will in turn reflect your real image and friends and family will easily recognize you even in a cartoon Bitmoji like version.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free

Basically, there is a lot of fun in using the Fbook avatar feature, more so users can use it as a sticker and on their profile picture. Furthermore, the list does not end there as you can as well use it in your snapchat and Instagram as well.

Previously, the avatar feature was available in some countries but not in the united states of America until the year 2020. They fully lunched the feature to Americans in the year 2020, this in turn created a lot of fun during the lock down period. Therefore, this progress will gradually proceed to other countries of the world using the Facebook social media platform.

Facebook Free Avatar Feature

The Facebook free avatar is a feature that is built in the Facebook platform and all users can access it if it is available in your country. More so, to use these features you do not need to exit the Facebook app or website. Therefore, you just need to access your Facebook account to use this feature.

The fact is that y can easily create your own Fb avatar that will look just like you do. Therefore, you can turn on your front facing camera to get the real feel of the image you want.

In recent times this new feature has added more life to the Facebook social media platform. Majorly, the young generation see this feature as an active fun way to express themselves in a cartoonist character.

Facebook Avatar Creator 

To successfully create a cartoon version of yourself, then you need to access the Facebook avatar 2020 creator link. More so, you just have to bear in mind that the Avatar creator app is as same as the Fb messenger app itself. This is simple in the sense that, you can only use your Fb account to access the avatar feature to start creating your avatar.

However, you do not need any separate app for you to access the feature. More so, if you cannot find the avatar feature on your Facebook app then do well to update your Facebook app in other to get the new avatar feature.

Create Free Facebook Avatar 

Below is a simple way to access the avatar feature and create your own cartoonist character.

  1. Firstly, open the Facebook official website or app.
  2. Then tap on the menu icon you can see on the page.
  3. Click on see more.
  4. Scroll down and select Avatar caption.
  5. Furthermore, tap on the Get Started caption to begin creating your Avatar.
  6. Hit on the check icon you can see at the top of the screen.
  7. Lastly, tap done to complete the process.

This is just the process by which you can successfully create your own Facebook avatar or cartoonist version of yourself. Furthermore, if you simply follow the steps above in locating the feature then you will create your avatar without stress.

Facebook Update

Most users do find it difficult to locate or cannot find the avatar feature on their account. This is a very simple issue to resolve as you need to update your Facebook app on your mobile phone to see the new Facebook features. Therefore, you can visit your play store update your Facebook app and start enjoying the new feature.





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