Facebook Avatar Setup – Create Your Own Avatar on Facebook

Facebook avatar setup feature is now one of the best and most trending features of the Facebook app update. More so, this Facebook avatar app 2020 got everyone talking about it and increase the fun of the Facebook platform. However, there are still some people who do not know about this new feature that is called Facebook avatar.

Facebook avatar Setup

Well the Facebook avatar is one you can use to create a cartoon character of yourself. This avatar emoji can however be used in different format all through the Facebook platform.

Facebook Avatar Setup - Create Your Own Avatar on Facebook
Facebook Avatar Setup – Create Your Own Avatar on Facebook

More so, the Facebook avatar setup is simple and everyone on the platform can create a Facebook avatar emoji for themselves. Furthermore, this feature is set to blow your mind and as well wow your friends on Facebook.

Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

Therefore, you can easily access the Facebook avatar feature form your Facebook account and create your own Facebook avatar. More so, after creating your own avatar from your photo the character will look just like you. Therefore, the new feature comes with a lot of options for you to choose from while using it to create your avatar.

Furthermore, you can choose to change your hair color, eye color and lips to add a little more spice to your avatar feature. Also, you can easily make use of the avatar feature on your other social media platforms apart from Facebook.

How to See the Facebook Avatar Feature – Facebook Avatar Creator 2024

For you to see the Facebook avatar feature on your Facebook account is not a hard process to attain. Therefore, on this section I will be showing you the easy way to locate the Facebook avatar feature right form your Facebook account.

  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile device or desktop. Also, you can use the main Facebook website too.
  • Hit on the menu option at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then scroll down on the menu to the see more option and click on it.
  • After clicking it you will then be able to find the new Facebook avatar feature.

Facebook New Feature Update

Some users do complain of not seeing the Facebook avatar feature on their Facebook account. Therefore, in this case you will need to update your Facebook app to the latest version then the app will appear.

Also, you have to know the avatar feature is not available to very country using the Facebook platform. The feature was recently lunched in USA some few months back so if you update your Facebook app and still cannot find it just relax it will come up soon on your country.

Facebook Avatar Setup – Create Your Own Facebook Avatar Emoji

For you to setup your Facebook avatar you just have to follow this simple steps below. However, with this step you will easily setup the avatar on your Facebook account.

  1. Once you are in the Facebook avatar feature click on avatar.
  2. Then tap on the next caption to begin the process.
  3. Select the skin color which you want and click on next.
  4. Choose the hair style you want your avatar to carry. More so, you change the color, make it long or short or medium.
  5. Select the Face you want your avatar to look like. Pick the shape, face lines and complexion.
  6. Next is your avatar eye color and the eye lash and eye brow shape. Furthermore, you can as well add eye googles to add some spice.
  7. Choose the nose shape, lips color and facial hair.
  8. One last one is for you to choose the body shape you want and you are all set.

Furthermore, you can customize your avatar any way you want to fit your style and class. Therefore, with this way you can easily create Facebook avatar.



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