How to Get My Messages Back on Facebook Archived

How to get my messages back on Facebook archived is a very possible process. However, so many will think it is impossible. More so, Facebook is already a part of your day to day life activities so as such we do access the platform on a daily basis.


Furthermore, either you are using the Facebook messenger or Facebook website, one vital thing we on Facebook is sending and receiving messages. Therefore, this brings us to the issue of some Facebook users wanting to access old messages. These messages sometimes cannot be seen on their chat board anymore.

Basically, this issue gives Facebook users a lot of concern as they search for various ways to access their Facebook archive massages. More so, when we use the Facebook messenger app to send messages some of those messages tend to be very vital so we refer to keep them.

Specifically, this is because we will love to keep them for future purposes or sometimes for personal reasons. Here, on this article I will be showing you the simple process for you to access those messages. Also, as to keep them for future references.

Facebook Chat

Facebook chat is the act of you sending messages right from your Facebook messenger app to another Facebook user account. Therefore, these messages appear instantly on the user Facebook account. However, you should know that the chatting process is possible by using your mobile data

Particularly, when you are chatting with friends on the Facebook platform it does save a message on your Facebook messenger chatroom. Furthermore, you can easily return to any of these messages to review them if you wish.

How to Get My Messages on Facebook Archived

On this section I will be showing you the simple steps on how you can access your Facebook messages archive.

  • The process is for you to log in to your Facebook account first.
  • When the homepage opens you will then see some featured icon at the top left side of the page. Click on Inbox.
  • After clicking on the inbox caption then hit on the Other caption on your screen.
  • Next click on More. Therefore, you will then see a drop-down menu.
  • On the next menu option choose Archive.

Basically, this is where you will then find all the list of messages you have archived or the ones you save for future references.