You can access your AOL account and as well as email AOL sign in on your Internet browser in regards to mobile phone, app or PC. AOL  is very easy to access right from the AOL home page. However, from your webmail account, you can organize and also setup some changes to your AOL free email settings. Also, you can recover and reset AOL mail password as well. Below is just 4 simple steps for you to achieve this process.

How Do I Access My AOL Mail Account? Email AOL sign in on
How Do I Access My AOL Mail Account? Email AOL sign in on
  1. Open your internet browserFirstly, open your Internet web browser either on mobile or PC to access AOL mail login. Therefore, you can use either Internet Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, or even AOL if you have paid for the AOL email web browser service.
  2. Navigate to AOL

    Furthermore, In the web address bar, just type in and click the search key or press enter. This will then take you straight to the AOL website with ease, where you can access AOL mail sign in.

  3. Log in to your Account

    Pick the Welcome caption, Sign in button you see at the top right corner of your screen. Furthermore, input your AOL username or your AOL email address and lastly your password and then click on the “Sign In button”.

  4. Open your mail inbox

    Finally, choose the mail icon that looks like and envelop. Therefore, this will take you to your email inbox directly to see AOL new mail.

Setup Reminders to Emails you Send on

On mail AOL uk the AOL Mail do not allow users to schedule or send mail reminders. Also, this applies to follow-up reminders on your webmail interface too. However, users can use the support AOL IMAP setup. This simply means you can make use of other email programs like the Mainspring to schedule mail reminders. Therefore, this process aid a more powerful emailing experience.

The below shows steps to send email with a read receipts from your account via the AOL mail email providers.

  • Step 1: Download Mail spring

Basically, Mailspring is one free application for users to check their mails. More so, the app enables you to add reminders to sent emails. The app still comes with a full package of other nice features thread sharing and access to read receipts. Furthermore, the app works perfectly on Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7.

  • Step 2: Sign in to Your account

Next you have to run the main spring app and choose IMAP / SMTP right on the setup page. Then you can enter the connection settings for your mail account. Furthermore, click on continue to Mailspring which a full email client and gives you the chance to check your AOL mail inbox. This is even possible without you using the webmail interface. Also, it just take few seconds for it to display all your emails via AOL mail com login.

  • Step 3: Send emails with reminders

This last step you have to know that whenever you are composing your email on Mailspring you have to select the Reminder key.  Also, you have to pick a time for where the notification will remain you about the thread. This is effective, if there is not reply form the recipient. So, after all these processes Mail spring will then automatically schedule a reminder that will notify you.

Note: After the specified time you place on the reminder is exhausted, Mail spring will then message you right at the top of your inbox. But this is if there are no replies from any recipient. This makes it smooth for users especially business people on email marketing.