Duolingo free is owned by American and its a language learning platform. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest growing language learning sites. Also, the most downloaded educational language learning app with over 400 million users. Duolingo Languages offers beginners friendly language learning packages for multiple languages including Italian, Dutch, Swedish, etc.

Duolingo Free - Duolingo Sign in to Use Duolingo App Offline
Duolingo Free – Duolingo Sign in to Use Duolingo App Offline

Duolingo Offline

Basically, using the Duolingo app or website often requires you to use an internet connection. More so, you can as well use the service offline as well. Therefore, you can achieve this if you are a Duolingo plus subscriber. However, after activating your subscription, you only need to download the lessons  to your device and start learning offline.

How to Use Duolingo App Offline

A. Duolingo Android

  • Select a course you want to download. Basically, the course need to be available for download.
  • Then tap the arrow icon on your screen. After which, it will ask you if you will want auto-update with Wi-Fi/ data. Choose any.
  • Furthermore, your downloads will then begin. Also, you can monitor your progress in your device’s notification alert.
  • After successfully downloading the files, the language course will then be in the download section.
  • When you are through with the download, turn off your internet connection to go offline. Therefore, you can complete your lesson on the app offline too.

B. Duolingo iOS

  • Same process applies, pick the course you like to download in the offline language course section.
  • Hit on the download caption.
  • Once downloads begins, then you can tap “Manage” it will then bring out a dashboard with all your courses activated. More so, you can view the download progress on the dashboard too.
  • After successfully downloading your course, you will then see a green like arrow in the Download section.

If you decide to remove or delete any course you can delete a course. Tap the trashcan icon you see on the side of the file.

Duolingo Sign up

Therefore, to use Duolingo free via the website or the mobile app, you must first register for an account. However, to create Duolingo account is very easy. The below steps shows the steps to take in other to create an account.

  • Use your web browser, visit the Duolingo website via http://www.doulingo.com/ to begin the process.
  • Then sign up to create a new account using your email address and your name. Furthermore, if you have an existing Google or Facebook account, you can also sign up with them.

Duolingo Sign in

The section is for users that already have a Duolingo account, read the following step below to access Duolingo log in to your account.

  • Login to the website www.duolingo.com.
  • Furthermore, click on the sign in button you see to continue.
  • Then enter your email and password.

In the case where you forget your password, simply click on the “Forget password Caption” and provide your email address. Therefore, follow the instructions that will appear on your email inbox. Follow the other instructions to set up a new password to login to your Duolingo account.