Dream Platinum Visa Card – Get Dream Platinum Card on www.qa.dohabank.com

Dream Platinum Visa Card gives you the robust and highest credit card limit alongside with various benefits for all your traveling plans on www.qa.dohabank.com. However, these benefits are different in every aspect. Also, it does offers you a complimentary traveling insurance whereby giving you access to personal assistance services.

Dream Platinum Visa Card - Get Dream Platinum Card on www.qa.dohabank.com
Dream Platinum Visa Card – Get Dream Platinum Card on www.qa.dohabank.com

Particularly, dream platinum visa card is a precious crown jewel of Doha Bank. However, the bank enables you to become a cardholder to start enjoying the benefits of using the service. Basically, this enable you to enjoy the platinum side of life, that’s interesting.

Dream Platinum Visa Card

Particularly, the Doha bank visa platinum credit card has a direct configuration across millions of outlet worldwide. This is however to get exclusive airport lounge and shopping services.

Therefore, this platinum card also gives cardholders the chance to earn reward. More so, you will get points per any dollar you spend. Also, this allows you the offers of two card platform to choose from. Therefore, to access or apply for a credit card you can simply follow the below process to get you card and benefits as well.

The Features & Benefits of Dream Platinum Visa Card

Basically, for you to experience a good use of credit card, you will have to make an increases in purchasing services. However, the service is very flexible. Also, this gives you the below services and even more that are not mentioned here.

  • Global Traveling Benefits; Precisely, this gives  of you the most enjoyable traveling experience ever. It does not matter if you are taking the first-class trip anywhere or lounging in a five-star hotel. You can simply earn global Cashback which in turn gives you more savings you need.
  • Shopping Benefits: Particularly, for business or personal shopping, this card allows you to enjoy shopping in all round services. Also, as well, this gives you a strong secure purchase against any theft, scam or damage items.
  • Lifestyle benefits: Basically, as a credit card holder you can attend a visa golf offers at the Doha golf club. Hence, allowing you to participate on golf courses anytime. Also, you can enjoy extreme exclusive adventures to VIP outlet parking. Again, you can buy a VOX cinema to see great shows on Saturdays.
  • Dining: Again, you can get a 35% discount as a cardholders on premium restaurants anytime. However, if you wish to get a taste on the best delicacies in the dinning cater you will get it.

Additionally, dream platinum visa card do give users SMS alert on their mobile device anytime a transaction comes through. If you have the card it seems you can never be short of getting more rewards and benefits what so ever. However, its good to apply for the credit card to pay safer using the Doha bank cards with Apple Pay.

How to Apply for Dream Platinum Visa Card

Therefore, to apply for the visa card you need to be an existing customer that have a Doha bank account. More so, you most be using the ban to make transfer and as well banking with the bank. Again another way is if you are using this bank for your salary payment.

  • First open your web browser and copy this link www.dohabank.qa on the new tab and click enter.
  • Navigate to the top of the page and click on the credit card caption, then apply for the card.
  • Also, choose the type of card you want to apply for and as well the product. Pick the visa dream platinum card.
  • Next enter your full name, email address, monthly income in QAR, company name, and as well mobile number.
  • You can also choose the following such as preferred language, nationality, gender. Also, choose nature of employment and enter the captcha form to verify your card.

Therefore, after you have finish the form registration, you can as well review it again to make sure your details are correct. After all just click on the submit caption to get the dream platinum card.

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