The download PayPal for PC app is one that is widely used money transfer apps which delivers a fast and reliable service. However, using the app on your PC or laptop is a plus as you can view and as well navigate your way on the platform more easily. Although you most first have to download the app on your device to use it or better still use the PayPal website.

Download PayPal for PC - PayPal Log in | PayPal App Download for Windows 10,8,7 & Mac
Download PayPal for PC – PayPal Log in | PayPal App Download for Windows 10,8,7 & Mac

Basically, most PayPal users do not really know they can access their PayPal app form their PC. This is something no one can blame them for rather I feel the need to let online users know they can use the app on their PC. Therefore, this is not to say they cannot as well access the app on their phone but when you download PayPal for PC it gives you full navigation feeling.

How to Download PayPal for PC – PayPal App Download

Downloading the app is pretty easy as you do not really need to go through much process. More so, this is a nice one as most users do want to access the PayPal app form the comfort of their PC. Therefore, to begin the downloading process follow these steps below.

  • Most importantly, you most first have an internet connection on your device.
  • Open any internet browser of your choice you have on your desktop.
  • Type in on the search bar PayPal app for PC and search.
  • Some list of online result will come choose the one that reads Download PayPal for PC.
  • After that follow the other steps required to download the app to your device.
  • Therefore, when you are done downloading the app you can lunch it on your PC and login.

S o that is how you can download the app on your PC. Furthermore, after downloading the app you will then need to login to your PayPal account.

PayPal Log in – PayPal Sign in on PC

Basically, after you now have the PayPal app on your laptop you can proceed to login to your PayPal account via your PC. However, to carry this simple process you need to have your login details and follow this process.

  1. Lunch the PayPal App on your computer system.
  2. When it finally opens you will then see a page to input your login details.
  3. Therefore, input your email address you use in registering your PayPal account.
  4. Next, put in your password and click on the log in caption below to access your account.

How to Create PayPal Wallet – Link PayPal Account with Your Bank

Using PayPal as a pay wallet is something most PayPal users will love to do. However, this is because the service and feature make it very easy to process and transfer payments and save your cash as well. Therefore, let us check how this process work and how to use it.

  1. First login to your internet banking account with the use of your password or token.
  2. After that choose PayPal Wallet in the main tab.
  3. Then click the Create PayPal Wallet caption on the drop-down menu to continue.
  4. Furthermore, choose a card you wish to link to your PayPal account for the service. Also, pick which card will be the default card. More so, I will recommend you try to use only one card for this process in other for easy recall.
  5. Therefore, after the card is chosen you can then press the button on your online token and confirm the process.
  6. A pop-up window will then appear for you to create a password. Therefore, make sure to create one that is very secure and easy for you to remember as well.
  7. Furthermore, click on the Agree and Create Account caption.
  8. Lastly, head straight to your email account that is link to your bank to confirm that you have create a PayPal Account.

Therefore, these is an easy way to get a PayPal Account or a PayPal wallet if I may say so in less than five minutes. Furthermore, after the creation process you can then start to use your PayPal account to transfer and as well receive money all over the world. However, this process is available in any f your local banks you are using.

PayPal Business App Download for PC

Basically, the PayPal business app gives small business owners and as well merchants a fast and simple means to generate and send invoices. Owners can get paid, and also manage your funds right from your mobile phone device.

Also, PayPal’s invoice generators also gives with ease all small business owners and merchants ability to send payment reminders to customers. However, this process is directly from your mobile phone to save you time from finding  payments transactions. More so, PayPal business app is the best app available to users to send invoices as well as tracking sales progression. Also, this software will manage your money for merchants not minding the sizes of businesses.

PayPal Software Latest Free Update Version

Most PayPal users do search for a new version of the PayPal app for mobile to download. Therefore, the below date is the new version of the online payment app.

  • Release date: 2021-07-19
  • Latest Current version: 2021.07.16
  • File size: 135.63 MB
  • Device Compatibility: The are the software compatibility versions for the the software app which are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Surface Pro and most recent the windows 11.

This is all you can find on the basis of PayPal app and the recent download compactable mobile device and computer software as well.