Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling – Wi-Fi Calling Without Mobile Network

On this article I am going to be outlining the disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling. As you all know you can stay connected with your friends, family, colleagues, business partners with Wi-Fi calling. More so, this is achieve without a telephone line. Furthermore, Wi-Fi calling is referred to as making cellphone calls using your WLAN connectivity.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling - Wi-Fi Calling Without Mobile Network

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling

Basically, on this article I will be outlining the disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi which is synonymous for WLAN use which is (Wireless Local Area Network). However, a Wi-Fi nearby location network stands for “Wireless Fidelity” it is as simple as that.

What Wi-Fi Calling

The word Wi-Fi is like an everyday name however it is the channel used on the web as an alternative for phone line calls. While using Wi-Fi calling you will not be able to use your carrier’s community connection. However, you will be using the connectivity to make voice calls without using your network.

More so, you can use the Wi-Fi connection at the hotel, home, workplace or even a free or paid Wi-Fi hotspot. Basically, the only thing you need to do in order to enjoy this service is to have a WIFI access.

With all these advantages you can gain from using WIFI calling, there are some disadvantages of WIFI Calling as well. Below are some of the disadvantages of using Wi-Fi. Just like the saying “whatever has an advantage also have a disadvantage” you just need to compare to understand more.

Disadvantages of WIFI Calling

Here are the disadvantages of you using Wi-Fi calling and you can judge between the line to deliberate on them.

  • WIFI calling access, “Not all phones come with this function“. Just like Apple devices,  Apple only offers the WIFI calling in the iPhone 5c or later versions. Although, there are some Androids devices that have same issues as well. Basically, Wi-Fi calling is a free service. However, making of international calls attracts payments.
  • Next, Wi-Fi calling is usually discounted from the phone package per minute. Therefore, the volume of data you are using for it is far higher than that of Skype call.
  • Wi-Fi calling is impossible without an accurate Wi-Fi connection on your device.  The calls use about 1 MB of data/minute.
  • Furthermore, another disadvantage of Wi-Fi calling is that you can easily lost signal while on transit. This will cause the call to freeze while your phone tries to connect to a cellular network.
  • Also, it is quite difficult to get the actual signal for your Wi-Fi calls.
  • Using WIFI Call service you can get some delays in transferring data. That simply means users will experience 1 or 2 seconds delay with their wi-fi calling.
  • More so, using a unsecured network for your WIFI calling, you have to know that your information/data is open to hackers. This implies your safety online is not guarantee.

Alright, this is all I have for you to know about disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling. Although the feature is a very nice one to use and will save in cases of low call data and so on.



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