New Crypto Exchange Trading Feature Rolled Out By GCash CEO

Precisely, the Philippines online mobile wallet service GCash will soon begin crypto exchange trading in a short while. Although it has not kicked on yet but it is on the verge of start point. Therefore, its service is just a few steps to start receiving crypto transactions.

New Crypto Exchange Trading Feature Rolled Out By GCash CEO
New Crypto Exchange Trading Feature Rolled Out By GCash CEO

Furthermore, the chief executive officer who is Martha Sazon stated this in a virtual interview said. GCash will soon include cryptocurrency as a feature of its financial payment service. However, the company are trying to complete the deal with a partners firm.

However, GCash CEO and president Sazon Martha in a view said the deal is in a serious stage of completion.  More so, plans are on the way to host the partner firm within the platform to aid the process of cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

More so, if you are looking forward to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, then you have to use a crypto exchanger app. Therefore, these online service do work just like a stockbroker. Thereby giving you the power to buy and sell online digital currency like

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • BNB
  • Lite coin
  • Polygon
  • Steller
  • Elrond
  • Solana
  • Maker and many others crypto coins.

Therefore, these best cryptocurrency exchange platforms makes it possible for you to buy and as well sell crypto coins. All these comes with a low fees and a strong security service feature.

Basically, when you want to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange for your use, then you must checkout some things like

  • Pricing
  • Withdrawal Options
  • Security

This is the main concentration point when choosing the list of digital cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Particularly, when this feature is added to the GCash platform, the crypto exchange trading platform will allow

  • Digital payment transactions.
  • Bill payments.
  • Online shopping.
  • Payment of remittance

More so, other major service will be available on GCash. Also, the investing of mutual funds is also available through GInvest.

Furthermore, the GCash online payment platform is presently having 46 millions users. More so, the user daily transactions is about Php10 million in funds. Therefore, there is no specific time rate yet for the service to begin operations.

Peer-To-Peer Money Transfer

Cash app is on of the online peer-to-peer money transfer platform system just like PayPal and Venmo. Therefore, the service allows users to pay for services, split restaurant bills, and as well shop online on online stores. Also, cash app can as well act as a bank account and a as well get a cash app debit card.

Cash App – Crypto Exchange Trading

Again, the cash app gives you the chance to invest in stocks, also exchange trading funds (ETFs) and as well Bitcoin. Furthermore, the mobile interface of this platform is easy to understand and navigate. Thereby new users can access and navigate through the app.

The main reason for Cash app is money transfer and payment. Although, it as well have an investment feature too. Therefore, it allows its users to withdraw cryptocurrency investments right to their online wallet. However, we do recommend the use of square cash app as a best option in crypto purchases.

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