What do you think when you first heard the topic? Create Likee account with Instagram, it sounds unlikely right? Well it is very possible. Therefore, anyone with his or her Instagram account can easily access the Likee sign up process without stress. More so, you can achieve this process via the Likee app or through the website.

Create Likee Account with Instagram - How to Setup Likee Profile | Likee Account
Create Likee Account with Instagram – How to Setup Likee Profile | Likee Account

How Likee Works

Likee offers a fun way of feeling free and relaxing your nerves while viewing funny videos and post of other Likee users. More so, you can see post from major celebrities that you love and as well comment on their posts.  The Likee Platform is now the place for young teens to express themselves and as well showcase their ambitions.

Basically, the Likee app or platform has contributed immensely to the eradication of boredom especially in this period of stay at home. Therefore, you can easily own a Likee account via Instagram and showcase your profile and Likee post. You can record a short clip video of your self or any event and post it on your Likee profile. Also, you can post photos of yours too if you so desire to.

How to Create Likee Account with Instagram

By creating a Likee account gives you the right to access all Likee features and services. Therefore, you can as well post videos and download videos and photos from the platform when you have an account. However, here we will be looking at using Instagram account to create a Likee account.

  • Firstly, download the Likee app from your Google play store, Amazon store or the Apple store.
  • After you are done with the download then lunch the app.
  • Then locate the head like icon at the top of the page and click on it.
  • You will then see an option to sign up with your Instagram account and other account too. Click on the Instagram sign up caption.
  • Furthermore, put in the email address and password of your Instagram account.
  • Proceed to accept the verification of your Likee account using your Instagram account.
  • Next, you can then go ahead to create a nice username for the new Likee account. Therefore, this username is the one people will see when they view your profile.
  • Fill in your date of birth then use the arrow indicator to select your gender status.
  • Lastly, create a different and secure password for your account and click on the sign-up caption to finalize the process.

Likee Sign in Processes

There are some other ways you can use to sign up on the Likee platform. Therefore, you can use your

  • Facebook account
  • Mobile number
  • Email Address
  • other social platform account.

How to Setup Likee Profile – Likee Account

Follow the steps below to setup your Likee profile to standard. Furthermore, know that the way you set up your profile that is how it will be.

  • After getting a good username the next thing to do is to upload a profile picture. This photo will be at the Likee avatar icon identification position.
  • You can as well make a short description for your profile page.

More so you can as well choose to change this setting at any point in time while using the platform. So this means you have the power to do whatever you like on the Likee platform.