Instagram is a very active and lively social media platform. However, users that want to connect with their friends and business partners either on Facebook or twitter should create an Instagram account. Basically, if you don’t have an Instagram account it simply means you are missing out on vital opportunities and connections.

Create Instagram Account - How to Create New Instagram Account | Instagram with Facebook
Create Instagram Account – How to Create New Instagram Account | Instagram with Facebook

Particularly, having an Instagram account is very simple and anyone can easily sign up to have one. Furthermore, in this article I am going to be walking you through the process and possible requirements to own or create Instagram account.

Also, there are some terms on the on Instagram that as a beginner you will not understand while using the platform. Furthermore, if you wish to explore the social platform as well as meet with friends from different part of the world then Instagram is the right place.

More so, Instagram is an active one stop social media platform that connects you to millions of people all around the world. Also, it will make you meet people of same class, style and mind. Therefore, this social platform has no discrimination on gender as both male and female. Again there are no age limit restricting users on the platform. However, most users on the platform are adults and all can access the same benefits that the platform provides to its users.

Instagram with Facebook – Other Social Media Platforms

Basically, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr all run under the same procedures. Therefore, this is in terms of sharing of photo, videos and commenting on the platform. More so users can freely carry out all these activities and more on the Instagram platform.

Few Requirements and Tips to create Instagram Account

There are some few things you need to know in other to easily sign up for an Instagram account.

  • You should have an internet connecting device e.g. mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  • Also, you need an email address or phone number to sign up.
  • You will need to download the Instagram app or access the platform via the website.
  • Therefore, after creating the account you will need to input a profile picture for easy recognition.

How to create an Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account is free and easy; also users do not need to pay for any subscription or whatever to sign up to the platform.  More so, as we have earlier mention you can access the platform via the website or download the app from Google play store. Below are the steps to create an the account.

  • Go to any internet browser on your PC or mobile and lunch the URL
  • Click on the create account box.
  • Input your account email address or mobile number.
  • Fill in your name
  • Furthermore, you will need to create a unique username that will be for only you alone.
  • Lastly craft out a secure password.

Basically, after completing all these process you can then proceed to the login caption to access your Instagram account.

Create Instagram Account with Facebook

Most users on the Facebook platform who want to create an Instagram account can actually do so with their Facebook account. Therefore, you can connect your Instagram account with Facebook by just clicking the Facebook icon on the Instagram website