Corporate Secretary – Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary

In an organization a corporate secretary is a person who is the glue that holds the corporation together. However, he or she is the one in making sure the company stays in the line in regulatory and statutory requirements.

Corporate Secretary - Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary

Furthermore, the person will as well decision on other vital company decisions, resolutions policy change. Particularly, this are changes made by the board of corporate directors in a company.

Corporate Secretary

Generally, a state requires a corporate secretary in a company and the person most be present on ground at all times. Especially, in board of directors meeting. Also, the secretary is an officer of the corporation as well.

However, one thing you should know is that corporate secretary differs from others in terms duties in different organizations. More so, every corporation do outline their duties a corporate secretary will be carrying out in their bylaws.

Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary

So many persons do mix up the duties and responsibilities of a secretary and special assistant etc. Basically, the secretary primary role is to take minutes of meetings and not make rules. More so, the task of the secretary id not in any way near the pivotal corporate role. Below are the job description of a secretary.

  • Board Meetings: The corporate secretary plans and executes all the board of directors’ meetings. Also, he or she is charge with strategic planning, inviting the actual attendees, creating agenda. Other things he or she does is reserve the meeting space and set all the possible logistical issues. Furthermore, the shareholders meeting in the company is not left at of the roles of a secretary as well.
  • Advisor: The secretary should be able to advise a board of directors on tough matter and on its goals and duties. Also, he or she should be able to still advise other officers on their individual roles too. Therefore, if there is any subsidiary company under the organization the secretary is oblige with the role to counsel the board on its management.
  • Trainer: He or she is still a trainer of new board members who just join the board of directors. Therefore, the secretary oversees their orientation and as well briefing and training
  • Record Keeping: The secretary is not only charge with responsibility of taking minutes of meetings but also dissemination of the meetings. One thing to note is that the meeting must describe and effectively communicate the final meeting decisions of the board. More so, he or she implements all the board decisions. Furthermore, the secretary retains and as well organize all the corporation value documents and also records. Some these documents are in the next section below.


  1. certificate of good status
  2. business licenses
  3. stock transfer
  4. Sec compliance paperwork
  5. Shareholder correspondence
  6. Contract and corporation capitalization file.
  7. Proxy statements

Characters of a Good Corporate Secretary

These are the character a good secretary supposes to posses in other to function well in the organization they are in.

  1. Effective and patient communicator.
  2. Well organize and in full knowledge of issues.
  3. A good and excellent problem solver.
  4. Most be familiar with business laws and as well its regulations.
  5. Should be very experience in departmental managements. Also, in individual employees too.
  6. Able to work under pressure.
  7. Most be an extremely discrete person.
  8. Very Acquainted with and not easily bothered by bureaucratic red tape.
  9. The person most be calm and rational mediator.

These are the full details you need to know if you want to apply for a secretary job in any organization. Therefore, you have to be qualified to take up the responsibilities before applying for the roll. More so, if you are already a secretary then read through to get more ideas on your job roll.






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