How to check Yahoo mail inbox varies slightly depending on whether you are using the Yahoo Mail app for mobile devices or the Yahoo Website. Once you are logged in, you should use the account’s setting’s panel to customize how my yahoo inbox looks and functions.

How to Check Yahoo Mail Inbox via Yahoo Mail App
How to Check Yahoo Mail Inbox via Yahoo Mail App

Checking your Yahoo email, entails you download and install the free Yahoo Mail app, that’s the quickest way to monitor your email on mobile and PC. This process is simple and easy for everyone to use.

Check Yahoo Email via Download Yahoo Mail App

The following are the steps to take in other to check your Yahoo mail via the use of the Yahoo mail app.

  1. You most first download and install the yahoo app from the app store or Google app store, open the app and log in to his Yahoo account using his Yahoo email and associated password.
  2. Your inbox will then loads by default when you open the Yahoo Mail app on your mobile device. Furthermore, if you cannot find your message , he can check his inbox at any time using the main menu.
  3. Tap the three-line Menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen to load the app`s main menu.
  4. Touch Inbox to open your inbox.

How to Check Yahoo Mail Inbox via

  • First type in the email URL
  • Click the mail icon in the top-right corner of the Yahoo mail login home page.
  • Log in using your Yahoo Mail username and associated password.
  • Click Inbox on the main menu along the left side of the screen to load your mail inbox.

Check Emails in My Yahoo or Yahoo Mail

Once you have created Yahoo Mail account, you will want to regularly check for new emails. More so, settings up Yahoo Mail sign in an email program, and using its new mail notification system, this very tutorial will explain how to check Yahoo or Yahoo mail for new emails.

Therefore, this will show the user’s three ways to check for new emails: from My Yahoo (custom, free homepage service), and from Yahoo Mail itself. This will also show users how to customize the Yahoo Mail Preview tool in My Yahoo.

Check for New Emails on the Yahoo homepage

The Yahoo homepage displays ads and current news, and also a sidebar on the left that gives the user quick access to many Yahoo services (and others, like Facebook), including Yahoo Mail.

The next section of this very tutorial will show users how to preview and check for new emails from my Yahoo! you can access Yahoo on . Your Yahoo Mail link will appear near the top of the list, then below “View Yahoo! Sites”.

Then Click if you want to go to Yahoo Mail-otherwise, move your mouse over to reveal the “Open QuickView” button: As soon as the user clicks the QuickView button, Yahoo displays a preview of the latest emails in the user’s inbox.

all this without having to open Yahoo Mail itself-to hide the new mail preview, simply click on the collapse button. Hence, this is the quickest way to check for emails from the Yahoo homepage.

Check for New Emails From Yahoo

Therefore, if you are using the My Yahoo homepage service, he will be able to do even better, and actually have a new mail preview right inside the page, no click required. Then click on the Add Content button.

On the right, click on the My Yahoo! Essential link, which will load all the Yahoo related add-ons the user can use in My Yahoo. Then, locate and click on the Yahoo! Mail Preview to add this mini application, and click “I’m Done”.

Customize Yahoo Mail Preview Application

By default, the Yahoo Mail preview application only shows the user 5 most recent emails from his inbox, but this can be changed: click on the options menu, and choose settings; then, select the number of new emails My Yahoo should show (5,10,15, or 20), and click save.

When the user moves his mouse above one of the emails, a more detailed preview pops up, and the user reads the complete email in a new window, or Reply to the email in question.

Conclusively, the user should notice that the bottom right corner of the Yahoo Mail Preview block contains a Compose button (to create emails directly from My Yahoo), and also a Refresh button, to check and receive emails from the server.

Check for New Emails From Within Yahoo Mail

Conclusively, if the user is already inside Yahoo Mail, the user does not need to refresh the entire web page to check for new mail on the server (this will reload the user’s inbox and download any new emails, but uselessly takes much longer than the alternative).

Simply click on the Check Mail button near the top left corner of the window. This will immediately bring you to your new Yahoo Mail inbox (if the user were in another mail folder), and downloads any new email messages from the server.

If the user has setup multiple email accounts inside Yahoo Mail, the user can use the drop-down arrow of the Check Mail button to selectively check emails from a single email account.



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