Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Caregiver jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship are the most in demand jobs right now. These jobs are readily available and comes with high pay and a lot of working benefits. Below are the some list of available caregiver jobs and we will update more from time to time.

Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

In Home Caregiver

Salinas, CA
Salary – $17.00 – $17.75 per hour – Full-time, Part-time
Payment Type – Weekly Payment
Shift & Schedule
  • 12 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Overtime
  • Weekend availability
  • 10 hour shift
  • Night shift
  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Holidays
Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship - Apply Now
Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Caregiver Responsibilities

  • Give personalized in-home support to your senior Clients
  • Also, help your clients with all personal care needs
  • Furthermore, ensure to keep clients’ environment clean and well organized
  • Remind client from time to time to take their self-administered medications

Job Requirements

  • In line with state mandate, they require all Care Pros to be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 test. This is in order to provide care to Clients in California.
  • Also, having basic English speaking ability, reading, and writing as well (Bilingual or multilingual individuals are encouraged to apply).
  • Applicant must pass a comprehensive background check and drug test as well.
  • Use of Honor Care Pro app is essential. Also, must have a device that supports the most up to date version of iOS or Android device.

Work Benefits

  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Referral program
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance

Supplemental Pay Types:

  • Bonus pay
  • Signing bonus

COVID-19 considerations: The company will ensure that all Care Pros have supplies. You will get masks, to wear at every shift and the company will as well pay for flu shots if you need one.

Types of Work Visa for Applicant to USA

H-1B Visa: Person in Specialty Occupation

To work in an exact specialty occupation. Basically, this requires a higher education degree or its equivalent for application. Also, know that this Includes fashion models of distinguished merit and ability.

This is in regards to government-to-government research and development. More so, administration by the department defense of  co-production projects.

H-1B1 Visa: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professional

Therefore, to work in a special occupation section. Precisely, this requires a post-secondary degree having at least four years of study in the career of specialization. (Note: Therefore, this is not a petition-based visa for applicant. Furthermore, for application process. please see the website for the process.

H-2A Visa: Temporary Agricultural Worker

Just for temporary or seasonal agricultural workers. Basically, this limits to citizens or nationals of specific countries. Also, with an exceptional limit, this is if the applicant wants to stay United States interest.

H-2B Visa: Temporary Non-agricultural Worker

Furthermore, either temporary or seasonal non- agricultural work. There is a limit as well to citizens or nationals of specified countries. More so, this comes with exception limit, if determined to be in the United States interest. This is if you have interest to work and stay in USA.

H-3 Visa: Trainee or Special Education visitor

Particularly, to get a training, other than the graduate medical or academic, which you do not have in the trainee’s home country. More so, this extend to practical training programs in the education of children. Basically, children with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities.

L Visa: Intracompany Transferee

If you want to work at a branch company, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of the current employer, specifically in a managerial or executive capacity. More so, in a position requiring special knowledge then this visa is for you. Therefore, all individual must have employment  by the same employer abroad continuously for a period of 1 year within the three preceding years of labor.

O Visa: Individual with Extraordinary Ability / Achievement

Basically, this is for persons with extraordinary ability or achievement in the sciences. Also, in arts, education, business, athletics, or extraordinary well known achievements motion picture and media space.

Therefore, the process is accessible with national or international acclaim, to work in their expert career field. Furthermore, this includes persons rendering essential services in regards to the individual.

P-1 Visa: Individual or Team Athlete, or Member of an Entertainment Crew

Therefore, this is to perform at an exact athletic competition as an performing athlete or as a member of an entertainment crew. More so, this requires a recognize international display. However, this includes persons giving essential quality services in regards to the main person.

P-2 Visa: Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)

Again, this is for performance under a person to person exchange program between a company in the United States. Also, an organization in another country is applicable too. Therefore, this includes persons providing quality services to the individual in question.

P-3 Visa: Artist or Entertainer (Individual or Group)

This is to perform, teach or coach under a specific program which is culturally standard. Also, this includes a traditional ethnic, cultural, folks, musical, theatrical, or even a artistic performance/presentation. Basically, this involve persons providing quality services in with regards to an individual.

Q-1 Visa: Participant in an International Cultural Exchange Program

Precisely, this is for practical training and employment. Also, its is for sharing or teaching of the history, culture, and traditions of your home country. However, this is through participation in an international cultural exchange program.

How to Apply for a Temporary Work Visa to USA

Basically, after USCIS approves the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker (Form I-129), then can now apply for a visa. Therefore, there are different steps to follow in the visa application process.

Basically, the order of these steps and how you can complete them will differ form one another at the U.S. Embassy. Also, it differs in the consulate where you apply to. Please note and consult the instructions you see on the embassy or consulate website where you will start your application.

Complete The Visa Online Application

Therefore, the online Nonimmigrant Visa Application process, Form DS-160. More so, you can learn more about completing the DS-160 visa in the main US website.

  • complete the online visa application form.
  • Then print the application form confirmation page. This you will bring along to your interview.
  • You will need to snap and upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. More so, know that your photo must be in the format that the photo standard requires.
  • Lastly, schedule an Interview, although for some applicant you do not need to go for an interview. This is for some certain ages you see below. More so, a consular officers may as well request for an interview of any applicant. Therefore, this is regardless of your age.

Live-in Caregiver

Company – European Service at Home, Inc
Location – Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
Salary – $200 per day – Full-time, Part-time
Fulltime – 24 hours

Working as a Caregiver, you will deliver an essential role, as a personal caretaker to your wonderful Client. Also, you will merge into their day-to-day life, just as their family or loved ones would have.

The company do accept all entry-level candidates. More so, you can build your own schedule at European Service at Home. Therefore, this is a vile-in position, working from Sunday 8.00 a.m. to Friday 8.00 a.m.


  • Paid training
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unlimited referral bonuses
  • Career growth
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • PTO
  • One of the best BCBS insurances you can get in the state of IL
  • Bereavement pay (full-time)
  • Fully paid Vacation (full-time)
  • Bi-weekly direct deposits

Job Responsibilities (It can vary in time)

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housework
  • Taking care all Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Providing good companionship to client.

Job Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Also, having the ability to pass a background check
  • Having a High School diploma/GED OR a caretaker letter of reference (personal or professional)
  • You will need to have a Legal authorization to work in Illinois, USA.

Basically, knowing that you can make a huge difference as a caregiver in someone’s life is unique. These individual may be struggling in his or her day-to-day life. This makes it a very personally rewarding job. Considering the fact that you can make a tremendous impact in someone’s life.

We look forward to meeting you.

For immediate consideration,
contact the office at (630)785-2521

 More Job offers Loading………… So ensure to always check on this page.
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