As an user do you know its services runs on desktop? I bet some of you don’t know that AOL official website works on mobile devices. This process is possible without you using the AOL app.

AOL Website - Get News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and Mail on
AOL Website – Get News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and Mail on

About AOL

AOL is an American online mailing platform and the company is owned by Verizon communications and as well marketed by Oaths. Its services are easily accessible t users for use and your friends and family can reach you via the AOL mail network.

First the AOL email platform was introduce as a portal to drive its users to access the main AOL website. Therefore, the real sense of this mailing service is for Americans alone. But right now it available for worldwide use. More so, the instant messaging feature enables you to use the AOL search feature.

On the official AOL website you can access all its features with ease. Users can find a lot of services on the website like

  • AOL News
  • AOL Mail
  • Weather Report
  • Search Engine Function
  • AOL Entertainment
  • AOL Finance
  • Videos
  • AOL Sports
  • AOL Food recipes and many more.

What you just have to down use the mailing services is to access AOL sign up. Although you can use most of the services without AOL Sign in.

The Features of AOL Website

AOL platform gives users the full access to connect and stay on the platform for whatever needs they want. More so, the website works in all devices and has same function on the mobile app too. Below are some features on AOL.

  • Basically, it enables users to access their email account on any devices without updating your current device version.
  • Therefore, the features also gives users a huge storage capacity of large file. Whereby, enabling unlimited storage capacity.
  • Also, you can as well access the mail service on the website. More so, you can change your AOL profile settings and spam messages too.
  • It as well gives you the chance to upload pictures, music or videos contents up to 25MB. This also means that users can send media contents of about 25MB per file.
  • However, on the web page, users can watch videos and music content on the entertainment section on the website or using the AOL app.

Therefore, users that are using Android, iOS devices and desktop or laptop can access the website and even download the app too. On the below section is how to sign up on

How to Access AOL Mail Sign Up with AOL Official Website .

Precisely, the AOL app do offer the AOL sign up feature bur you can as well use the website to access the sign up directly too. Therefore, you can choose to use Google chrome bower, Safari, Internet explorer, Microsoft Edge or any browser to access the internet for this purpose.

  • Firstly, type in the main website URL
  • The click on the menu icon you see on the top right corner of the page that reads LOGIN/JOIN on your mobile phone or PC.
  • Procced to click on the “sign up” icon you see below the page.
  • Then enter your full name, username, and password.
  • Choose your country code and input your phone number.
  • Pick your Date of birth, and year correctly.
  • Afterwards select your gender from the selection list.
  • Lastly, lick on Sign up when through with all the sign up process.

Therefore, do check through your details and click “continue”. Do ensure to verify the code number sent to your phone to compete the process. More so, you can as well download AOL app on your device for easy access to AOL mail login.