AOL sign in is one of the process you as a AOL user most go through in other to gain entry to your AOL account. Therefore, this is very simple as you need to access the sign in process anytime you want to access AOL services. More so, this process does not take long as users can access the sign in process in less than two minutes. Furthermore, there are still some times when the user will have to keep signing in to access their account. This issues are called AOL sign in problems, and users can solve them easily too.

AOL Sign in - How to Login to Your AOL Account - AOL Mail Login Site
AOL Sign in – How to Login to Your AOL Account – AOL Mail Login Site

AOL Features on AOL Website

The AOL website is one of the email platforms in the world that is very popular and all over the United States AOL is a house old name when it comes to email services. Furthermore, the service does provide its users with formal ways to access their account. Therefore, after creating your AOL account you will be eligible to use the AOL sign in portal to login to your account. The sign in page do come with a lot of features like the

  • AOL News Updates
  • AOL Mail
  • AOL Lifestyle
  • AOL Video
  • AOL Games
  • AOL Entertainment and AOL Meals

AOL sign in – How to Login to Your AOL Account

To sign in to your account or login is very fast and easy too in as much you have the correct login details of your account. Below are the steps to take if you want to sign in to your AOL account in other to access AOL services.

  • Use your web browser on your mobile phone or computer to visit the website
  • On the first main page locate the Login/Join caption, click on it to continue.
  • Next you will need to input your username, mobile number or email (The one you use in registering your account). After that click on Next.
  • The next page will then come up for you to fill in your AOL password. Fill it and click on the sing in caption below to access your account.

Sign in AOL with Social Media Account

Basically, you can as well sign in with your social media accounts like Facebook. More so, if you have a Google mail account you can as well sign in using it too. This process is very easy as you do not need to keep typing in your login details regularly.

How to Login Using the AOL App – AOL Mail Login Site

On this section you will need to first download the AOL app to access it or if you already have the app you are good to go.  Therefore, to access the AOL login with the AOL app follow the description below for more understanding.

  • Lunch the AOL app on your device.
  • Then click on the message icon you see on the page below. Furthermore, a browsing will come up hit on the space bar.
  • Enter your AOL email address and click on the Next button.
  • Also, enter the password to your AOL account and access the sign in process in full.

After you are through with this sign in process on the AOL app, you do not need to keep inputting your password often anytime you want to login using the app.

AOL App Download

As a user if you do not have the AOL app on your device and you want to download it then this section is for you. Therefore just follow the list below to download and install the app to your device.

  • Lunch the Google app store on your phone.
  • Then type in the search keyword AOL app and search.
  • It will then pop up the AOL app for you to download. Therefore hit on the download button .
  • After downloading the app click on install to install it to your device.

When you are done installing the app then you can lunch it on your device and start the login process to access your account. More so, you can as well use the app to get or access all AOL features and services like the AOL website.