AOL Search – Search Engine | AOL Search History on

The search engine platforms like AOL all over the world are a hub for online users to visit and get result for all their search terms. More so, 100% of online users do make use of the search engine platform to discover things, get answers and learn.

Therefore, the AOL search is an active online search engine for online users and where they can get all the latest answers to politics, weather, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, sports, food, travels to end your curiosities.

AOL Search Engine

Most online users still do use the AOL search engine for all the search terms. Particularly, users from United States, Canada and all over the world for on line web search. Furthermore, the platform has since improved on their search results quality and organization. Specifically, I will really prefer online users to check out this web search when accessing the internet.

AOL Search - Search Engine | AOL Search History on
AOL Search – Search Engine | AOL Search History on

What is AOL Search Engine?

AOL Search results provides users with great answers to their questions and access to the web, image, multimedia, news, shopping and local search results and so on. This AOL webpage aim mainly on the web results that AOL search email gives to its users. More so, AOL is a good search engine lining up with Google, MSN and Yahoo. However, with AOL you will get a very safe search result.

AOL Search Settings

So me users do complain of why is AOL mail not working, this is because of some certain reasons but you can reset your general web settings. Therefore, you can do this without changing the settings of other web browsers on your computer or mobile phone.

However, if you’re blocking pop-ups in your mobile or PC browser, it may create issues when accessing AOL Mail. This is especially if you have your mail setup to open in a pop-up window when you want to write a new mail message.

Why is AOL Mail Not Working

if you are trying to access AOL mail and it is failing to go through then you need to check if this list below are sort of ok on your device you are using. So, read more to know why is AOL Mail not working on your device.

  1. Make sure not to activate any ad blocker software on your device.
  2. Then ensure you clear all Cache on your browser.
  3. Check your settings if it is setup to open a new mail in a pop up window.
  4. Make sure to Login out AOL mail on all your devices.
  5. Lastly, you can restart your device and access the AOL search platform again.

AOL Search Suggestion 

Basically, when you use this search engine result bar, you are sure to get standard results and meaning. The suggestion feature on the platform helps users to suggest words and keywords that are related to your search term. Therefore, if you are typing a search keyword on the search bar, suggestion will begin to pop up as in terms of words completion.

AOL Search Website

Particularly, the advance nature of the search engine has made the AOL search website a lot better and makes users find more answers to their wants on On the AOL platform you can get different selective lists of results from different websites for them to choose from. Therefore, you will have an experience of a variety of results. However, this is possible without you performing any other search results.

Relative AOL Results

The relative result feature is a very similar one to the suggestion box feature but it with a different dimension. Therefore, in this form the search result is to bring out competent contents and you can locate them at the bottom part of the page. Also, you can as well see this results at the top right corner of the page too. More so the content is relatively similar to the search term you are searching for.

AOL Search History

There is a search history feature which is available to all users that are making use of the platform. Therefore, users can access the history feature on the settings page on the AOL website. When you are on the settings page you can then click on the search history caption. Furthermore, you can find this caption at the left hand side of the page.

Still on the history page you can as well make findings about other contents apart from your browser history like videos download, image, maps etc. There is even a safe search icon at the top of the same page and other features as well.

Tips to Get Good Search Engine Results

Therefore, there are tips for you to know in other for you to have a great search result on the AOL platform. More so, you will have a more advance search result with the tips we will be discussing about below.

  1. You need to specify your search term or describe the words rightly not using just plain words. For example if you are searching for something on body exercise you can type in full ABS body building exercise or tips?
  2. Also, you can as well join words together in the search word like father-in-law in word term.
  3. More so, you can as well start using capital letters on your first words to really indicate word difference.
  4. More so, you do not need to put any stop symbol in the search word, just type and the word and search.
  5. Therefore, if you do not get the result form your search term you can as well choose any relative search word from the left hand side of their page.

Furthermore, you can also use the categories feature at the top of the page. This will in turn bring out images or even use the video search feature on the category.

How to Use AOL Search Engine

Specifically, the main AOL website page on the AOL platform can be accessed from different forms and devices. Furthermore, you can access it form your Android mobile phone, iOS, computer system or laptop.

Therefore, users are to use the website page for all their searches which is the URL form any device they are using. However users most understand that this process is achievable only if you have a good internet browser. To really use the search follow the steps below.

  • Open a new browser tap on your web browser app.
  • Furthermore, try to describe the keyword or search term on the search box.
  • Click on the search icon for you to get your search result.

Note: You should understand that all the search engine platforms on the market do have the various mode of operation. Also, search result various in different search engine as well like Google and Yahoo. Therefore, you can as well use the search bar at the top of the website to get all your search results.



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