Do you need to be on the American email service platform or you want a more upgrade email service the read on. Therefore the AOL Mail sign up is the process to quickly register for a new AOL mail account and services. More so, you can sign up for an AOL business mail account or an individual or Personal Email account.

AOL Mail Sign up - Create AOL Free Email Account | AOL Mail Login
AOL Mail Sign up – Create AOL Free Email Account | AOL Mail Login

Furthermore the AOL mail sign up has a more improve modified structure in which you can find in various platforms. More so, this in turn generates a more standard level of control of users when they want to create the AOL mail account. The AOL platform prides itself with an active app that you can as well download and use it to access the AOL account Registration.

This email service platform has nice and active features which users can access in both the AOL app and the AOL web page. Furthermore, there are millions of users that use the AOL Sign in to communicate in sending and receiving mails worldwide. Therefore, this makes it to be one of the m most popular email service providers in the world.

AOL Sign up Free – AOL Mail Features

The AOL Features are sections were you can derive a different benefit on the AOL platform. Therefore, new users on the platform are set to enjoy all these features when they sign up on the platform. Below are some of the features you can find on the platform.

  • One of the first and nice feature which I also consider as a benefit is that you do not pay for sign up on the platform.
  • You will have an access to unlimited storage space for emails and documents which is up to 25MB in total.
  • Use the email feature for your business and it is a nice platform for entrepreneur to use the platform to boost their business.
  • More so, witness an easy way navigation process.
  • Access your profile for simple security settings.
  • Furthermore, you can play online games, stream videos, news, weather forecast, lifestyle, entertainment, AOL meals etc.

Therefore, these amazing features do makes many online users to join the platform in other to join the trend.

How to Create AOL Email Account

To begin the account creation you will need a web browser and a good internet connection device to access the AOL homepage. Furthermore, form the homepage you can click on the sign up button to continue.

  • Go to the homepage in any of your internet browser on
  • Then click on the Login/join caption you see at the top corner of the page to continue.
  • Furthermore, click on the sign up caption.
  • Input all your account info you are asked to put and click on continue.
  • Next click on the caption that read Text me a verification code which is the blue icon button.
  • Enter the code they provide for you on the next page.
  • Lastly, click on the verify caption.

After all these a new page will then come up when you sign in which will in turn display some AOL feature. Then you can begin to send and as well receive messages via your email account.

Internet Browsers you can use to access the AOL Website

  • Safari
  • Chrome browser
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Dolphin Browser
  • UC Browser etc.

AOL Mail Sign up New Account with Mobile Number

Particularly, you can as well sign up on the AOL platform with the use of your mobile phone via the AOL app. Therefore, with this you can access the AOL email service form the comfort of where you are without any stress. In other to make this possible you have to follow the sign up process below.

  • First you need to download the AOL app on your mobile phone via the Google play store or the app store.
  • Then click on the search engine and type in AOL app as the search word.
  • The app will then load up, click on it and then download it to your device.
  • After downloading the app install it to your device.
  • Lunch the app and click on the sign up caption to proceed.
  • Enter all your details that is required in the sign up process. Then click to complete the process.

More so, before the process is over you most first complete a verification setting process. Therefore, this is just to make sure your account is valid and ready to use. Joining the AOL platform gives you a wide range to explore various things as it is the widely used by so many social media platforms as well.