AOL Mail App – Get Latest AOL News, Emails & Videos

AOL mail app is an online web mail service controlled by Verizon Communications. America online, abbreviated to AOL is popularly known for its email services, which is easy to use and great fun, with effective spam filtering and unlimited online storage.

AOL Mail App - Get Latest AOL News, Emails & Videos

Even with the presence of the new email services available today, AOL, being the oldest, is still uniquely relevant and hasn’t lost its flavor in the hearts of their valued customers.

AOL Mail App

The AOL mail app is very user-friendly and is specially designed to give users the best satisfaction when it comes to accessing emails, weather reports and other important features all on their mobile phone.

You get breaking news and important headlines through the push notifications, which keeps you connected and informed. From email, videos, news, to weather updates, the app brings it all together to your fingertips.

How to Download AOL Mail App – Google Play store

The AOL mail app is readily available on Google play store and App store for Android version from 5.2 upward and for iOS 9.3 and above respectively. The AOL mail app is very easy to download and install. Thereby accessing your emails easily. However, downloading the AOL App is simply free.

Open your phone’s app store and search the keyword “AOL “. You can easily recognize the app when you see it; a sky blue background with “AOL. “ written with white inside the background. Tap on the app’s icon and give it a moment to download and install.

Key Features of the AOL App – AOL News

The app comes with exciting features that more functions that makes it more than just an email service. Let’s discuss some of these features here.

  • Email

The app allows you to manage your emails from anywhere and get fast-loading emails on your phone. You can also manage all your AOL and phone contacts, all in a single location. With customized shortcuts, you can delete, move or flag emails with just s swipe on your phone screen, and with a single tap, you can empty your trash and spam.

  • News

Watch and read the latest news around politics, entertainment, world news, sports, lifestyle, and finance, all from trusted sources like HuffPost, TechCrunch, Engadget, AOL news and AOL sports.

With the app, you can get breaking news on your phone by enabling the push notifications settings, you can also share your videos and articles to others via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

  • Videos

The feature allows you to enjoy interesting clips on a variety of topics ranging from celebrity news, politics, and other top stories. Also, you can stream NFL games live on your mobile phone too.

  • Weather

Particularly, this feature keeps you updated with the current weather status in your location, with hourly and daily forecasts. You can also customize your notifications to suit your choice.

More especially, notifications on breaking news and emails help you stay connected and informed on a daily basis. Therefore, download the AOL app today and stay updated with today’s hot stories from different categories, from celebrity news to politics, sport and so much more.




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