AMC Stubs – Get AMC A-List and Benefits

The AMC stubs is a very nice feature that the AMC network platform is rendering to its members. However, this feature is readily available to all AMC users to join or anyone that want to be a part of the service. Therefore, the service offers many amazing benefits to its members and you can as well be a partaker of this benefits too.

AMC Stubs - Get AMC A-List and Benefits

AMC Stubs A-List

The AMC a list is a membership platform of the AMC networks. However, the platform is very active and members do get a lot of benefit while on the AMC stubs a list. Therefore, with a list membership platform to make free online reservations anytime they want. Particularly, they can see up to 3 movies in a week as a member.

Also, members do get to select any movie format of their choice and this includes IMAX and as well Dolby cinema. Furthermore, there are no date on a black out for members, you may even have a triple feature all in one day. More so, you can as well watch movie all through the week, wow this is so wonderful and you should be thinking of becoming a member now.

How to Join AMC Stubs

So many movie lovers that are on the AMC network do like to become a member of the AMC A-list. Therefore, if you such a person than this section is for you. To achieve the membership registration follow the below steps.

  • Go to the URL
  • Click on the Sign in or Join AMC stubs caption you see on the top left side.
  • When you click on it or put your cursor on it, a drop down page will appear. Click on the Join Now caption you see on the screen.
  • it will bring out three plans to choose from which are AMC Stubs A-list, AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stubs Insider. Therefore you can choose from any of the plans and follow the process to become a member.

Benefits of Joining AMC Stubs – AMC A-List Benefits

Basically, you can join the platform for free and get a lot of rewards and perks too. Below are some of the benefit a member stand to get.

  • This benefit includes a complimentary refill of popcorn for every visit to the cinema.
  • You can save up to $2 in every Tuesday cinema show.
  • Also, you will enjoy a $5 in rewards in every time you reach 5000 points as a member.
  • Furthermore, you stand a chance to earn 20 points when you spend at least $1 at any box office movie and as well concession stand too. More so, when you spend $250 you will get about $5 in rewards.
  • Get free birthday gifts of a big popcorn cup.
  • Privilege to waive your online ticket fees for four or more tickets.
  • Then you can as well be getting exclusive offers and invite to special screenings.

How Much Does AMC Stubs a List Cost?

Well this is a question most users do ask. However, there have been announcement of the three-tier membership for a while now. More so, some people don’t really the cost of AMC stubs a list cost.

The AMC stubs s list cost about $19.95 a month but this is not the same in all the cinema center of AMC. Therefore, in some regions in the US you can register for $21.95 or even $23.95. Basically, whatever region you are the fee will allow you see the three movies per week.




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