The Facebook Business manager is one feature that holds a lot for Facebook users. Therefore, the feature enables its users to manage their business on the Facebook business manager. More so, one aspect of the business manager feature is to add people to your business manager.

Add People to Your Business Manager - Easy Guide to Add People to Business Manager | How to Use Facebook Business Manager

Furthermore, the adding of people to your business manager is granting them access to assets in your business manager. However, this is only for adding people and not partners and businesses. Therefore, below on this article we are going to be looking at the steps to follow in other to add people to your business manager.

Steps by Step Guide to Add People to Your Business Manager

There are some few steps to follow in other to achieve this aim on your business manager. However, these steps are really easy to go through and as well achieve your aim.

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to your Business Manager.
  • Furthermore, click on the People caption on the screen.
  • After that click on the + Add caption as well.
  • Next, you enter the work Email Address of the person you wish to add to your business manager.

Choose the role that you will want to assign to them. Also, be very sure of what you are doing, so read through the description for each role. Furthermore, you will have to still choose between an employee access and an admin access.

Add People to Your Business Manager

Another thing you need to do is to select the show advance option. Therefore, this enables you to choose between the Finance Analyst and Finance Editor.

Then click on the Next caption below.

Pick the type of asset you want in the first column. Furthermore, select the individual asset you wish to add the person to, specifically in the second column. Also, in the third column you will have to toggle on the different task you wish to add them.

However, you can still toggle on the admin access, this allows them to manage the asset themselves. Also, they will be able to perform all available tasks.

Lastly, click on the Invite

Note: You can as well add people to multiple assets. Therefore, you can achieve this by just repeating the process all again following these steps. This is a very easy step to follow so you do not need to be afraid of taking the process. More so, you can always repeat the process at all time as you wish.