ABSA Bursary – ASBA Fellowship Programme South Africa 2024

Basically, in the recent 5 years the ABSA BURSARY has been sponsoring about 50 to 80 students in a year. Therefore, their aim is to continue increasing the numbers of the student they are collecting every year. However, if you want to pursue a career in the finance sector then you need to read this article and apply for this bursary.

ABSA Bursary - ASBA Fellowship Programme South Africa 2023/2024

About ABSA Company

This company do understand that life is very difficult and sometimes students need funds to pursue their dreams and career. More so, this platform does offers students who are fully dedicated in the area of finance. However, giving them the bursaries, they need to aid then through their academic pursuit.

Furthermore, like I said before, if you need to excel in the field of finance and don’t have the funds then apply for ABSA Bursary. Therefore, the main focus is for the company to secure and fill I the financial sector with a full-time study.

What You Will Get from the ABSA Bursary Program

Basically, if you apply for this bursary and you are lucky to get the accepted to the program, then below are the benefits you will have.

  • Fully paid accommodation at the accredited university you are studying in.
  • They as well give you a laptop.
  • Also, they have a friendly system to aid you through the program.
  • You will get transport allowance too. Although, certain terms and condition may apply.
  • Free Text books and handouts.
  • Fully paid tuition fees and registration fees too.
  • Also, you will get meal allowance.
  • Standard Counseling services.
  • Skills training to prepare you for works and study life.
  • Finally, vacation work for relevant exposure of candidates.

Note that as a candidate you will be re evaluated every year. More so, the bursary support will keep rolling in for a student with excellent performance. Interestingly, the ABSA company will employ you as a skilled worker. Also, they will as well assist you if you decide to further your dreams.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the ABSA Bursary

As a candidate you can apply for this bursary if you are about completing your secondary school education. However, you can as well apply if you already hold a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you will need a qualification in the below professional career field.

  1. Industial Engineering
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Computer Science
  4. Mathematices
  5. Information Technology
  6. Statistics
  7. Risk management

Therefore, if you are wanting to study all these courses in the university then you can apply for the Bursary.

Requirements for the ABSA Bursary

Simply, for you to apply for this bursary system you will need to have some important requirements. However, if you fail to attain one of the requirements you will not get these this bursary.

  • First, you need to be a citizen of South Africa.
  • Furthermore, you need to sign up for one of the career fields above.
  • Also, you need to complete your Matric or Bachelor degree.
  • More so, you need to work permits or rights in South Africa.
  • Being a high achiever with a minimum average

How to Apply for ABSA Bursary

To further this process, you have to first access the website and head to apply for the bursaries of your choice. Below are some processes to follow.

  1. Head straight to the ABSA website.
  2. Then fill all the required documents to apply for the bursary.
  3. You will fill the application online and as well submit all the soft copies of other document eg. Passport copies, ID documents, Matric certificate, complete academic records of your tertiary education.
  4. Write and submit your curriculum Vitae in regards to the subject matter.
  5. Ensure you make a timely application.

Application Closing Date

The main closing date for this application is June 30, 2023. But you can as well search for other bursary opportunities on this page as you wait for the reopening of the Absa Bursary in 2024. This is sure because it happens every year.

Therefore, if you have any questions in regards to the bursary program you have to visit you’re their website ABSA BURSARY……





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